Hey, I am Michael Heywood from Kansas, Midwest, USA, and I am the person behind Ball Pro Hub!

When I was young, I used to see my father playing basketball with his friends on a basketball court on our drive away. Soon, I developed a strong feeling of association with this sport which further increased when my father bought me a little 8ft portable hoop. I still remember some of my early dunks that were lauded by my dad and his friends.

Michael Heywood

Times started passing, and I became an eyewitness who enjoyed the culmination of great basketball players such as Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Lebron James. In the meantime, I kept on working on my dunking abilities, and then the time arrived when I got my 8ft portable hoop replaced with a standard-sized 10ft inground hoop in my drive away.

Now, I would have developed many sensible gaming tactics that might be enough to stand invincible on the court – however, there is always a room available for improvement, and I kept on working on my dunking and shooting abilities. Practicing for vertical jumps truly took a lot of time of mine.

So, this is how my basketball journey started, and still going on when I have grown up to 24 years. During all these years, I have developed a mature understanding of basketball sporting gears such as basketballs, basketball hoops, basketball shows and etc.

What am I Doing Now?

Basketball is a sport that gives me happiness, and this is the very reason to decide on this sport as a career for me. Besides my studies of journalism, I am striving hard to create my identity in terms of this great game, and I hope that I will be able to do it soon.

For now, I have been heading my University Basketball team – and most of the time, I remain the point guard because of my specialized dribbling and passing abilities. Other than this, I keep on participating in local leagues usually organized by KC Crew.

Having a keen interest in the game, I was also able to develop a friendly relationship with some of the professional players – nevertheless, most of my friends are in the game, and we keep on discussing different things regarding the game.


What is the Purpose of Ball Pro Hub?

Basketball is a splendid sport that doesn’t only offer amusement; instead, it brings incredible benefits to your health. However, I have a reason behind mainstreaming BallProHub, and the reason is to make people aware of what they actually need and how they can decide what will be a worthy purchase for them.

In terms of basketball gears, it can be divided into the following essential components that have a direct or indirect impact on your game:

  • Basketball you are playing with (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • Basketball hoop (Inground or Portable)
  • Basketball Shoes (for Outdoor and Indoor Courts)

These are important gears to play the game, and if any of them is inappropriate, you will not be able to show your skills.

Therefore, considering the importance of all these things, I have decided to technically review some of the best basketballs, inground, and portable hoops, along with basketball shoes for concrete and soft surfaces. Through years of my experience in the game, I have developed the ability to review these gears on the basis of their suitability, durability, cost, and functionality – in the meantime, I hope that these reviews will be helpful for those who want to make some prudent purchases.

All my reviews on BallProHub are based on my personal experience and information I collected from my friends who have also been playing the game for years. You will also see me referring products dear to professional NBA Players.

The bottom line of my whole discussion is to make you able to make good purchases regarding basketball so that you can enjoy the game with 100% value for the money.


Future Plans

I am sure to keep on writing worthwhile reviews on Ballprohub.com with certain hacks and tricks that might help you improve your performance during the game. stay connected with me, and ensure the buying of only the best basketball gears for the premium gaming experience.