What is the Average Height of NBA Players by Position?

The height of a player holds an integral significance in basketball, and when it comes to basketball, our mind automatically thinks about players of considerable height. However, with every passing year, the average height of players in the NBA is reducing, and in 2020 it touched the lowest height which was 6’6’’ (198.6cm). The Average NBA Height for the years 2021 and 2022 has been the same at 6’6’’.

The height of 6’6’’ is more 8inches taller than the height of an average American male who has a height of 5’9’’. While the incumbent average height is 13’’ smaller than the tallest NBA player’s height which was recorded at 7’7’’ in the case of a player named Georghe Muresan.

The Average NBA Height

As it has already been disclosed that the average NBA height in 2022 is 6’6’’. In the last 40 years, this is the lowest average height of NBA players.

Meanwhile, to provide you with a closer look at the details of the heights of players, it seems inevitable to add a few lines about the tallest and shortest NBA players.

Average NBA Height


Tallest NBA Players of All Times

Diving deep into the whole history of the NBA, it has become evident that there are the 9 tallest NBA players of all time. All these players are taller than 7 feet, and according to a random online survey, there are around 2800 people on the planet earth that have a height of 7 feet. So, these are the nine tallest players in the history of the NBA;

Player Height
Georghe Muresan 7’7″
Manute Bol 7’7″
Tacko fall 7’6″
Slavko Vranes 7’6″
Shawn Bradly 7’6″
Yao Ming 7’6″
Chuk Nevitt 7’5″
Sim Bhullar 7’5″
Pavel Podkolzin 7’5″


If it is about the average height, it will keep changing with the years – however, it is considerable fact that if you are taller than 7 feet, and you have good command over the fundamentals of this sport, you must think seriously about choosing basketball as your career because having a taller height means you already have a good wingspan.

Therefore, having discussed the tallest NBA players of all time, let us have a look at the shortest NBA players of all the time;


Shortest NBA Players of All Times

Isn’t it exciting to know that you are taller than some of the professional basketball players? Of course, you are – take the joy of the moment, and have a look at the shortest NBA players of all the time;

Player Height
Muggsy Bogues 5’3″
Earl Boykins 5’5″
Mel Hirsch 5’6″
Spud Webb 5’7″
Wataru Misaka 5’7″
Greg Grant 5’7″
Keith Jennings 5’7″
Monte Towe 5’7″
Red Klotz 5’7″


After discussing the tallest and shortest players of all time – let us see have a look at the Average NBA Height by position.


What is the Average Height of an NBA Player by Position?

Not all players in one team need to be tall – you might have noticed that all players are of different heights, and all of them are at their perfect heights with respect to the positions they occupy on the court.


1. Average NBA Height at Point Guard

What is the average height of an NBA Guard? Earlier in 1953, there was a time when the point guard was occupied by the shortest player. Gradually, the height of the player at point guard increased, and at one time the average height of a player at point guard reached 6’3’’ in 1987. By now, Ben Simmons is the tallest player who served as a point guard with a height of 6’10’’.

Typically, height has not much to do with the specific position of point guard; instead, it requires a player with a true understanding of all basketball moves from basic to advance level. Now, the average height of an NBA Player at point guard ranges between 6’ to 6’3’’.


2. Average Height at Small Forward

Small forward is an important position to play on the basketball court. During the seasons of 1952-1953, the average height of player at small forward remained 6’4’’. And this height reached its maximum in 2015-2016 when the average height of players at small forward reached 6’8’’. Now, the average height at small forward remains between 6’5’’ to 6’10’’. So, from the past records, it is evident that height at small forward is gradually increasing.


3. Average Height at Shooting Guard

A shooting guard is a position occupied by a player taller than the one who takes point guard. In 1952, the height of a player at shooting guard was 6’1’’ – and this height reached its maximum in the year 2000 when the position was occupied by a player of height 6’5’’. And now, the average height of the player at shooting guard is from 6’3’’ to 6’5’’.


Fact: In some years, the player at point guard was taller than the one who saved the shooting guard. For example, Ben Simmons served as a point guard with a height of 6’10’’ while he was taller than Corey Brewer whose height was 6’9’’.


4. Average NBA Height At Center

Center average is the position that is guarded by some of the tallest players on the team. So, players with the height of 7’5’’ has served at this place on the court. Now, the average height at the center point ranges from 6’9’’ to 7’’ – while the average height at this point was 7’’ in the year 1996.


What is the Minimum Height Requirement in NBA?

Although, height is an important factor in basketball – but your skill and your command of the sport have never been second things to count. A player like Muggsy Bogues (5’3’’), and Earl Boykins (5’5’’) maintained a memorable career while being much below 6’. So, if you want to join NBA, skill, and command of the sport are counted first.



So, in NBA, players occupying different positions are of different heights. Point guard is a position served by the shortest player, but they are best at their skill. Similarly, players on the wings appear to be taller than all other players on their team. In short, height has been a very good advantage for players in NBA – however, height isn’t only enough to become a good player.

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