Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2023 – 7 Tested Products

I am a basketball fanatic, and I have been playing this game since my childhood. Throughout my basketball career, I have got my ankle broken twice which compelled me to stay out of the court for three months – Of course, I could have not expected anything worse than missing the court I used to share with my friends, but it happened due to my ankle injury. That was the time when I realized the importance of dedicated shoes specially made for ankle support. What I have experienced with my ankle, I do not want to happen the  same with you, so here I am with some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Do remember, sprains and ankle injuries are a somehow inevitable part of the game that would certainly hurt you now or later, however using appropriate shoes to protect your ankles might bring the chances of any serious injury to negligible. These shoes offer better stability to your feet and ankle when you land back on the ground which considerably reduces the chances of sprain or any severe ankle injury.

Selection Criteria: Ankles support is inevitable during the game; especially when a player lands back on the ground after a jump. This is something that cannot be compromised; otherwise, it might result in the form of injury. To avoid such a mishap, I am going to review some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. The following shoes are based on my personal experience and tested reviews of professional athletes. Meanwhile, these pairs have been selected on the basis of their ability to provide ankle support, durability, breathability of the upper part, the grip of the sole, and their looks.

7 Best Basketball Shoes for Weak Ankles

You and the manufacturers of your shoes are both rowing the same boat. You entail the shoes, which may enhance your rhythm of the game on the basketball court, and add to the energy you are putting into your violent actions to perform the best. And the producers try their best to understand all your requirements on the basketball court and then generating the best options for you. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

But here is a common misconception that I would like to eliminate before moving ahead.

A Common Misconception: Usually, it is perceived that only the shoes with high tops offer ankle support – this is a misconception found among the people, and I have got this narrative false by myself and in the light of statements given by professional Athletes. In my personal use, I have used shoes with a low top that offer excellent ankle support. So, don’t hesitate to buy a shoe with a low top, it can meet all your requirements regarding good ankle support. 


Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support
Adidas Dame 5
High Ankle Support Basketball Shoes
Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes
Best for Protecting Ankles
Adidas Own The Game Basketball Shoe
Best Budget Shoes
Adidas Pro Next
Comfortable & Best for Grip
PEAK High Top Basketball Shoes
Anti-Slip Basketball Shoes
Adidas Marquee Boost
Best for Extra Grip
Adidas Hoops 2.0
Best for Weak Ankles

High Ankle Support Shoes

Adidas Dame 5 Review




  • Ankle supporting arch
  • Pod system for comfort
  • Comfortable sole
  • Textile upper
  • Boost cushioning
  • Good traction
  • Light in weight


  • Collar around the ankle feels little stretchy in start

Adidas Dame 5 is specially made for ankle support. Adidas puts a good effort on a soft cushioned feel. This shoe may conclude your search for the best basketball shoes for ankle support. It is a cent per cent synthetic and nearly weightless object. Not only is it good in performance, but also it satisfies your aesthetic sense. It is simply nice in performance and lovely in appearance.

Boost Cushioning

To provide you with enough bounce during your tough stances, the shoes are endowed with boost cushioning. These high ankle basketball shoes were specially built for Damian Lillard’s signature game. You must have noticed unique jumping stances in his game. Therefore, if you are fond of such stances, you need boost cushioning.

Rubber Sole

Adidas Dame 5 Rubber Sole

The rubber sole is good for your comfort and has good traction on the basketball floor. Adidas Men’s Dame 5 understands your need and delivers you rubber soles.

Rubber sole has another benefit. It is more durable and resilient. Adidas contains Zonal Herringbone Rubber Outsole that is fine for grip.


Textile Upper

Adidas Dame 5 Textile Upper

Adidas affords a textile upper that helps in keeping your feet cool, and it also gives maximum grip to your feet during dribbling and shooting actions. Textile upper gives a good appearance to the shoes to marvel at. Textile upper makes Adidas supportive basketball shoes.

Regular Fit

High ankle Adidas shoes are a regular fit to offer you enhanced comfort and flexibility. It contains a padded internal pod system for comfort. Shaft measures approximately mid-top from the arch, which gives you a soft, cushioned feel.



Adidas Dame 5 Performance Review




Best for Protecting Ankles

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes




  • Stylish design
  • High-quality material
  • Weather-resistant polyurethane leather
  • Light in weight
  • Anti-skid pattern
  • Breathable upper
  • Comfortable and durable material
  • Commendable ankle support


  • Does not have a loop at the back, But still offers great ankle support

Ankle support from your shoes is an indispensable feature. Without ankle support, your shoes may fatigue you or cause muscle stretching. Hence it would be best if you had a good pair of best basketball shoes for ankle support. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes offer your feet very good ankle support. For this purpose, extra padding and a full-length arch with
profound grip are used.

Rubber Sole

Beita shoes are the best outdoor basketball shoes to prevent ankle sprains. These are men’s basketball shoes with rubber damping soles in a net shape, endowing strong ground holding. Beita High Upper Sole

This type of sole is good for traction as they easily afford as many caves as expect. Durable, wear-resistant, and anti-slip material makes our basketball shoes your best choice on the court to win the game.

Breathable Upper

The breathable design affords air circulation inside the shoe. Perforations and mesh design escalate the ventilation, which makes you feel dry and comfortable while having assiduous exercise. The more the shoes are breathable and ventilated, the more they get comfortable. It’s why Beita Basketball Shoes are decked with profuse ventilators.

Efficient Protection

Shoes are required to provide efficient protection to the foot. That is why Beita is gifted with a synthetic full-length upper and molded heel shield which effectively protects the ankle as well as improves the performance of the shoes. The full-size upper gives better-structured support and locks the foot in an accurate place to evade injury.

Anti-Skid Design

Suppose you try to give a meaningful reverse to your action in a race, and suddenly you slip. Of course, you will feel ashamed and maybe hurt as well. Nobody likes to skid all over the floor. Beita is fitted with anti-skid resilient mesh soles. It keeps feet in full force position and helps you move around with full dexterity. Moreover, a one-piece solid rubber outsole with a traction pattern provides firmness and excellent stability.




Best Budget Shoes

Adidas Own The Game Review




  • Great ankle support
  • Specialized sole pattern for friction
  • Breathable upper
  • Full arch and high shaft
  • Thick rubber sole
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Has a loop at the back


  • Insole can’t be removed to increase the inside area

Your shoes can be the cause of great happiness when they fulfill all your desires. This may be Adidas Men’s Own Basketball Shoe. Your happiness starts from your feet which feel tremendous comfort and profound grip. This happiness moves in the form of an impulse up the spine and reaches the brain. This happiness molds into agility which is the raw material of your performance in the game court.

Rubber Sole

Adidas Men’s Own Basketball shoes are adorned with rubber sole which has great traction pattern. The rubber sole is comfortable and provides a resonant bounce on your sudden drive or jump. This feature secures you from injuries and sprains. Rubber sole ascertains to be very comfortable and soft.

Adidas Own The Game Rubber Sole

High Shaft

The high shaft covers your ankles completely. It is getting popular among the manufacturers of the best budget basketball shoes for ankle support. Adidas supplies the shoes with a very comfortable and soft shaft to cover the ankles. Sleek padding provides a boost to the action of the foot.


The upper of Adidas is made up of synthetic material. It is durable and soft. It affords good style and trendy designs. It’s synthetic material makes the shoes comfortable and provides a gorgeous look. Synthetic material is liked by most athletes. It is why it is getting trend to produce synthetic upper.


Adidas Men’s Basketball shoes with ankle support have a good traction pattern. The channels on the sole are deep and can be seen in a zigzag pattern. This pattern does not let the shoes skid even on the sudden move in a spirited game. The pattern changes lateral to horizontal crosswise at sensitive points.

Do you want to improve traction of your shoes? Check out the ways to improve traction and make your shoes less slippery.



Comfortable & Best for Grip

Adidas Men Pro Next Unboxing




  • Imported module
  • Synthetic sole
  • High shaft
  • Wide platform
  • High top for ankle support
  • Durable on all floors


  • Upper lace holes are not functional

Adidas Men’s Pro Next Ankle support shoes are imported shoes. They look soft, streamlined, bouncy, and well-shaped. Their unique styles and color scheme give good attraction to the spectators. Their material looks fresh and resilient. Deep channels on the sole confirm good traction. The thick sole has a good accumulation of pads for supporting the feet in to and fro agile trips.

Synthetic Sole

The synthetic sole is good for easy movement on the basketball court. It is superior to other materials because synthetic sole creates better friction and supports your feet in action. Adidas Men’s Pro Next high-top basketball shoes ankle support are soft and bubbly.

Adidas Men Pro Synthetic Sole Review
Synthetic Sole

Large Platform

The large platform of the shoes is good for a springy retort. Adidas Men’s Pro Next has a large platform. This feature enables you to exhibit your best skills. It creates the thrill and sensation of a powerful game. This is made possible with the full support of your shoes which help you acquire the topmost stances of action.

High Shaft

True ankle support comes with a high shaft. It covers the ankles and gropes them without creating any excessive pressure. It is quite interesting to mention another good thing about this high shaft of Adidas. That is, contrary to our expectations, Adidas shoes with ankle support do not hinder the free movement of the joint.

Textile Upper

Among all other good features of Adidas, another one is it’s stylish upper. Its textile upper contains fully supporting paddings that support the activities of various parts of the foot, from the toe to the heel and up to the ankle. When you put on your shoe, you may feel that your foot is locked in a mechanism, giving a variety of supplies all over the circumference.




Anti-Slip Basketball Shoes

PEAK High Top Basketball Shoes Review




  • High-quality shoes
  • Combat style
  • Irregular flanges on the sole for better traction
  • Standard price
  • STA module
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole
  • Hot melt process
  • Contains a loop on the back


  • May fatigue the people with high arches

PEAK High Top Basketball Shoes are high-top shoes created by modern technology. They look like pretty nice shoes. Their style and design are quite impressive. Their molding fashion and superficial structure is a glimpse of its performance on the basketball court. They have thick but lightweight soles. Their upper is made in the true fashion of the modern era. Their heavy-duty laces are compromising and look as soft as the upper. And arch is long enough to cover your foot completely.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole

In the manufacturing of PEAK High Top shoes, the modern technology of seamlessly integrated weaving and the hot-melt process is used. High-quality integrated weaving combined with a hot-melt process provides comfortable wrapping and support. The outsole of the Streetball Master is thick and solid, with a profound traction pattern.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole

PEAK STA Stabilization Module

PEAK Stabilization module is a beautiful and supporting design created through using modern technology. In this module, the forepart of the shoe moves up on the outside of the forefoot and bulges outward, providing support for the lateral movement of the foot and reduces the chance of spraining. These features, surely, prove their rank in best ankle support basketball shoes.

Durability and Resilience

RB upgraded rubber formula makes the shoes wear-resistant and durable. The shoes may accompany you for a long even when you use them on hardwood or cement floors. This formula reduces the chances of excessive wear and lets you enjoy the company of your favorite ankle support shoes for a long.

Anti-Skid Sole

PEAK basketball shoes are popular because of their combat styles, designed for the real competition skill on the basketball floor. Ankle supporting high shaft, copious cushioning, full arch, and anti-skid sole; all these features make PEAK the best basketball shoes for ankle support.




Best for Extra Grip

Adidas Marquee Boost Review




  • Fabric upper
  • Imported material
  • Rubber sole for good traction
  • Skid resistant
  • Zonal Herringbone Rubber Outsole
  • Marvelous design for additional luxury
  • Steady fit


  • May need to take insole out if feels narrow

Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Basketball shoes with ankle support are liked by the athletes because of two main reasons. First, they have a beautiful appearance, and secondly, their structure is promising and fabulous. Superficially they look like a masterpiece of modern technology. And if we study their structure, we conceive that they are loaded with modern accessories which ensure their best performance on the basketball court.

Traction and Friction

For ankle support basketball shoes, traction is an indispensable utensil. The reason is quite clear. Ankle support shoes mostly have a long shaft. If the shoes have a minor problem in traction, ankle support will cause a gigantic restriction in your movement. And, instead of supporting the ankle, they may cause hurdles even in the shortest curve in the trajectory.

Breathability and Ventilation

Sweating is a common problem for basketball players. During a challenging game, most of the athletes sweat profusely. It causes an ill-smell as well as an awkward feeling of your feet. The best solution to this problem is a breathable upper. Air mesh and textile upper with padded heel collar are fantastic features of the ankle support basketball shoes for comfort and breathability.

Boost Cushioning

Adidas Men’s Marquee has introduced a good technology to increase the bounce of the shoes during dribbling or shooting. Boost is the most receptive technology of padding and cushioning. It transports incredible energy rebound. On every step, you feel some force pushing you to move ahead undauntedly.

Zonal Herringbone Rubber Outsole for Grip

A classic look gets upgraded with a modern structure. These men’s low-cut basketball shoes are built for speed and agility on the floor. They have a molded ankle collar with a cushioned heel for support and comfort. A responsive midsole returns energy on every jump, while the herringbone outsole provides extra grip as you stop and go on a dime.



Adidas Marquee Boost Performance Testing Video




Best for Weak Ankles

Adidas Hoops 2.0 Review




  • Synthetic-Mesh
  • Synthetic rubber sole
  • Trendy style
  • Full ankle support
  • 3-strip design
  • Boost cushioning
  • Lace closure
  • Relentless grip


  • May feel tight for wide feet

Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 are nice looking ankle support basketball shoes for bad ankles. Their synthetic mesh decorates the shoes beautifully. Their color, design, material, style, and awesome look create great attraction for all Adidas lovers. Synthetic sole looks fabulous and calls everybody to try it once. Color contrast is amazing and full of awe. Three strips decorate the shoes wonderfully. Throughout their body, Adidas Hoops are marvelous.

Boost Padding

When you are on the basketball court, you demand a lot from your shoes. The first requirement that I’d like to mention is boost padding. It offers an exotic bouncy feel to your legs, resulting in your increased speed and movement on the basketball court. Here your search for the best basketball shoes for ankle support may start.


The final solution for sweating is breathability and ventilation. You may see numerous small pores on the surface of the whole arch and along the shaft. Breathability ensures a challenging and hard game till the end and does not let your feet soaked in sweat or get stinky.

Soft and Comfortable

Today, very few companies use leather upper. The reason is quite obvious. Athletes demand soft and comfortable shoes. Synthetic leather and rubber sole are the most popular components in the production of soft and comfortable shoes. Adidas Men’s Hoops consists of the same structures in their production.

Solid Traction

Adidas gives much attention to the solid traction. The reason is quite obvious. If your basketball shoes often skid on the hardwood or cement floor and do not provide enough force against slippery floors, they are definitely, futile and useless. You may rely on Adidas in this respect. Adidas uses asymmetrical channels on the sole of the shoes, ensuring proper force of friction.




If you sprain your ankles frequently and easily or you are just coming to the court after healing from an ankle injury, you are in desperate need of additional safety; shoes with ankle support will not be enough for you.

If you have any of the abovementioned circumstances, do use ankle braces to provide your ankle with better and improved safety. I have seen a lot of NBA players tapping their ankles before they enter the court – the reason behind this act is additional safety for their ankles during the game. According to my personal experience, with ankle braces, you can have even better landing stability.


What to Look For in Ankle Support Basketball Shoes?

Sometimes, your shoes make your feet happy and sometimes sad. It is correct that your feet have these feelings. Happiness does not remain in your brain only. Your heels feel happy in the company of identical shoes. The pleasure travels through your nerves and reaches your brain. During the journey of the impulse of happiness through the nerves of the backbone, your muscles respond spontaneously. It is why sometimes you feel Goosebumps create before you feel the emotional stress.

To keep your heels happy, you need perfect shoes for your feet. Here are a few key features of perfect shoes to benefit you in your purchase of shoes.

1. Supple Support to your ankle

You must be very nimble on the basketball court. A little indolence you show in the court, and you are out of the game. For this, you must look for high shaft shoes with good ankle support. Whatever the level of skill you are attaining, you cannot reach its sublimity until you get this support to your ankle.

This support you will feel when you will spin the stance of your foot during a powerful action. When you twist your foot suddenly, the entire burden of generating equilibrium to your body goes on your ankle. The ankle support of the shoes manages it in an immense way.

2. Thick but Light Weight Sole

The material and structure of the sole are very important in multiple ways. Good material of the sole ensures the life of the shoes. It also ensures your performance on the basketball court as your feet get a boost from the rubber sole of the shoes. In my opinion, you should look for an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole. RB upgraded rubber formula is also getting popular.

3. Specialized sole pattern for friction

Adhesion of your shoes is a supreme force that helps you suddenly twirl in the direction of your game. You know, a little skid at the court may cause a drastic injury. You must see that the pattern of the shoes changes lateral to horizontal crosswise at sensitive points. And you should select the shoes which help you to whirl on the floor without any fear of skidding.

4. Breathability and Ventilation

The breathable upper is an indispensable feature of the ankle support basketball shoes. Some shoe manufacturers succeed in creating a bizarre feature in their production. This depends upon modern tools and an exotic experience in the specific field. Breathable uppers are common now, but their quality is obviously quite different. You must see that your selected shoes have a fabulous quality of uppers for breathing.

5. Boost Cushioning

Boost cushioning is a unique kind of padding which makes your heels feel a specific bounce. This padding is wedged along the shaft, below your sole, and around the ankle. This procedure of padding is done in a very technical way. Boost padding enables you to exhibit exotic stances and extraordinary moves. It enables you to feel comfortable in the shoes and keep on having the exercise even for hours without grueling your muscles.

6. Synthetic Leather Upper

Pure leather upper is very inconvenient for your foot. Don’t think about the durability of pure leather. The synthetic sole may be a little less durable than pure leather, but the hard grip of the leather is never suitable for your trajectory on the basketball floor. Hence, try to get the shoes made up of synthetic materials like polyurethane upper and rubber sole.

7. Loop at the Back

Though it is not a very important feature; and you may do well without a loop. But, sometimes, wearing the shoes without a loop at the back comes very difficult, especially when you have a little fat foot. Therefore, if you have such feet, select the shoes with a loop at the back.



Basketball shoes with good ankle support are unavoidable for every player because they can prevent injuries and offer better safety; especially, when a player lands back on the ground after a jump. Shoes without ankle support might cause an injury for the player – and this could be a very reason for a temporary or permanent full stop on his career. So, it is advised to use the shoes with ankle support, and ensure the safety of your ankles.


Meanwhile, there are a lot of shoes that claim to be perfect in terms of high ankle support – however, if you still want the best even out of a lot of aforementioned shoes, give Adidas Men’s Dame 5 a chance. Its wide covering plate offers better support for the ankle. Boost cushioning and rubber sole keep the high performance ON for the player.


The second pair is PEAK High Top Mens’ which is made in combat style with STA module to offer maximum stability. A loop on the back adds more value and offers improved safety for ankles.

Third, I will recommend Beita High Upper shoes that have been made following an anti-skid pattern. Brings good stability to the ankles while offering considerable resistance against hard surface. Rubber sole ameliorates grip with the floor.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. Are basketball shoes good for ankle support?

Yes, basketball shoes are good for ankle support. Basketball shoes have long arch and high shaft which support ankle in a fantastic way. Furthermore, basketball shoes are gifted with boos cushions which are very good for ankle support.


Q2. What shoes have best ankle support?

Commonly, all the basketball shoes provide good ankle support. However, if you want to compare all the brands, I will tend to PEAK High Top Basketball Shoes. They are having some extra charm in their all the features.


Q3. Do high top shoes help ankles?

For flat feet, high top shoes are good to help ankles. However, if you are having high arches, high top may create a nuisance for you. In most cases, high top shoes help ankles.

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