Best Cheap Basketball Shoes 2023 – 8 Affordable Picks

When you think about the best cheap basketball shoes 2023, perhaps, you imagine a flimsy pair of shoes that may break in the very first round of the basketball floor. It’s not the matter. Cheap basketball means a pair of shoes short of one or two features on which you may easily compromise. You may miss a tinge of beauty and glamour in your cheap shoes. But, remember no manufacturer makes any compromise on your basic needs from your basketball shoes.

Getting more against less price has always been an amazing feeling. Every brand such as, Under Armor, Adidas, and even Nike manufacture some cheap basketball shoes for players. Here, I want to make it pretty much clear for all of you that these shoes are called cheaper because they are available at a comparatively lesser price than other pairs of shoes. In terms of performance, these shoes are not cheap in any way. 

Selection Criteria:Having spent more than 77 hours in research, and consulted with 3 professional basketball players, I am certain about my selection of these shoes out of 37 others. Considering my personal use with most of these shoes, I am confident enough that these pairs will certainly come up all your expectations. Meanwhile, the following shoes have been chosen in terms of their durability, traction, cushioning ability, breathability, and of course their prices. 

8 Best Budget Basketball Shoes under 100$ in 2023

Let’s have a brief study of a few most popular brands of low price and affordable basketball shoes. In this article, you will find a couple of basketball shoes of your choice.

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes Tested Performance Reviews

Best Budget Basketball Shoes
Under Armour Men HOVR
Best Shoes Under $40
Nike Basketball Shoes
Best Shoes For Men
Adidas Harden Stepback
Best Lightweight Shoes Under $70
AND 1 Vertical Basketball Shoes
Comfortable & Best for Grip
Adidas Men Hoops 2.0 Mid Sneakers
Best Basketball Shoes Under $80
Nike Men Basketball Shoes
Best Affordable shoes
Nike Lebron Witness 4
Best Performance Shoes
Nike Women Basketball Shoes
Best Selling Sneakers

Most of the given pairs of shoe are low in prices; we can say affordable shoes under $100. You can choose any of them considering your budget. In my personal use, I have found them best for their longevity, and serving capacity in all dimensions.

Best Shoes Under $40

Under Armour Men HOVR



  • Molded textile upper with breathing pores
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner for comfortable cushioning
  • Compression mesh for a cool grip
  • Lightweight 11-ounce
  • Midfoot TPU shank for further grip
  • Extra lateral stability for steady performance


  • No loop at the back

Under Armour Men’s HOVR are unique shoes in some ways. They are beautiful, impressive, cheap but precious in their beauty and performance. They contain high top and low shaft which is especially suitable for agile and swift competitors. Their low shaft enables you to move freely. This type of shaft is more suitable for women.

Their colour scheme is unique. Their boost cushioned rubber sole is a symbol of triumph on the basketball floor. Laces match the beauty and durability of the shoes. We can easily feel that Under Armour Men’s HOVR are the best cheap basketball shoes.

Molded Textile Upper

Under Armour Men’s HOVR contains molded textile upper. This marvellous upper is endowed with many fabulous features.

Under Armour Men HOVR Textile Upper

Molded textile upper is fantastic for superior comfort and breathability.

Its webbed lacing system is cherished for a locked-in, customized fit. The upper is provided with a mesh tongue for increased airflow.

Die-Cut EVA Sockliner

Instead of very precious and uselessly sophisticated boost padding, Under Armour is endorsed with a Die-cut EVA sockliner. This sockliner provides sufficient underfoot cushioning and support. For a secure fit, Under Armour is gifted with half bootie lining with traditional tongue construction for ease of entry.

Zero Gravity Feel

UA HOVR technology provides a ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy return. This technology does not let you feel fatigued at every step. For enhanced boosting, Compression mesh Energy Web is added. UA HOVR foam reflects the energy you put in. You will feel satisfaction in having the best value basketball shoes on your feet.

Herringbone Traction Pattern

Among the most required merit of the sole of your cheap basketball sneaker, one is traction and adhesive friction. For this purpose Under Armour uses a rubber outsole with a herringbone traction pattern to provide maximum floor control and grip. This pattern provides enough adhesion so that you may enjoy your most forceful moves without any fear of skidding.

Under Armour Men Hovr Rubber Sole




Best Shoes For Kids


Nike Boy's Best Cheap Basketball Shoes



  • Textile upper with ventilation pores
  • Imported module
  • Synthetic rubber sole
  • Webbed lacing system for grip and beauty
  • Mesh tongue for extra ventilation
  • Half bootie lining adorns the shoes
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner for cushioning


  • You might feel it little hard in the start

Nike Boy’s Basketball Shoe is specially designed for children. Nike is popular for its fantastic performance as well as its beautiful pattern and colour scheme. This shoe contains signature qualities of beauty and performance. Your aesthetic sense is the most important factor which Nike considers at the utmost level. This quality you may observe throughout the pattern and style of Nike Boy’s Basketball Shoe.

This basketball shoe Team Hustle Quick 2 (Gs) is perfect for children. Its perforated upper and deep flex grooves on the sole ensure energetic movement on the basketball court. The lightweight continuous foam ensures boost cushioning with a good grip. Nike Boy’s Basketball shoe is fitted with a strap in the mid-foot area which gives the foot a good grip and ensures a good fit.

Breathable and Ventilated Upper

Nike Boy’s shoe contains perforated textile and synthetic upper. This ensures fantastic breathing and does not let your feet soaked in sweat and stink dreadfully. High Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch Half bootie lining for a secure fit with traditional tongue construction for ease of entry.

Low-Top design

The supportive low-top design offers a balance of support and mobility. Low-top design is best for children as they have more flexible muscles than elderly people. They don’t need the feature of a high-top sole for getting rebound from the sole as the professional players need it. Nike also contains a lightweight midsole that provides flexible cushioning.

Boost Padding

Padding around the ankle gives comfort when you play. This type of cushioning plays a very important in the safety of the joints during energetic moves and sudden jerks from the competitors. Soft foam cushions your every move. Padded collar and tongue enhance the feeling of comfort and soft grip. This unique feature enlists Nike Boys as the best cheap basketball shoes.

Mixed Leather and Textile Upper

Mixed leather and textile upper provides durability and support. Molded textile upper endorses enhanced comfort and breathability. This enables the young people to enjoy their game on every kind of floor without much fear of wearing and tearing. A webbed lacing system is fantastic for a locked-in, customized fit.




Best Lightweight Shoes Under $70

Adidas Harden Stepback




  • Wider forefoot for easy movement
  • Cushioned midsole for comfort
  • Consistent fitting
  • Ergonomic lacing system for a cool look
  • Textile upper with synthetic toe cap
  • Light and breathable shoes
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor courts


  • The tongue is a little thin

Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback have an awful charm for the youth. Their colour scheme has a specific appeal for everybody. These are marvellous in every respect. Three white strips are used to adorn the upper beautifully. In short, this pair can be named as the best cheap basketball shoes by dint of their beauty, resistance against concrete surfaces, perfect cushioning, and etc. You may rock an MVP look all day long.

Their performance on the basketball court impresses everybody the same as their beauty leaves a long-lasting impression on one’s feelings. Their supporting features confirm adidas as cheap and inexpensive basketball shoes. Long arch, high shaft and boot opening, all provide your feet with the best support.

Lightweight Synthetic Sole

These adidas basketball shoes are lightweight and built for breathability. Adidas Harden Stepback Synthetic Sole

They keep your feet comfortable from the time you enter the court and this comfort lasts till the end of your enthusiastic game.

They help you in your game in many ways and keep your feet cool and do not let them sweat profusely. And they also keep your feet away from injury with their supporting tissues.

Ventilated and Breathable Upper

Their breathable synthetic upper contains numerous breathing pores. These pores keep your feet cool. You feel wonderful pleasure when you have the confidence that your socks will no more stink. Consequently, your game style improves to the optimum level. Your marvellous game may achieve the top performance, regardless you win the game or not.

Cushioned Midsole

The wider forefoot and cushioned midsole flex with your foot and don’t break suddenly into two pieces. This cushioned midsole also provides support to the arch of your foot and does not let your feet feel uneasy during hard and agile exercise. You may keep on having your practice for long without any inconvenience or embarrassment.

Textile Upper with Synthetic Toe Cap

Another fantastic quality of adidas Mens’ Harden Stepback is its synthetic toe cap. Often your toe hits against the pole or any other hard object and makes you out of the game, terribly injured. In the presence of a toe cap, you need not worry about such an unwelcomed injury. Your security and safety go in the part of your shoes.



Adidas Harden Stepback Performance Test




Comfortable & Best for Grip

AND 1 Men's Vertical Cheap Basketball Shoes



  • Specific midsole pattern for good traction
  • Mesh breathable upper
  • Comfortable rubber sole
  • Elastic lacing with a comfy feel
  • Classic AND1 Art technology
  • Durable upper panel
  • Commendable ankle support
  • Injection-molded spongy heel


  • Slip through tab needs careful handling

AND 1 Men’s Vertical Basketball Shoes are cheap sneakers but not the poor ones. They are good construction by AND 1. They have good qualities for a good sport on the basketball court, and are beautiful, precious looking, well-made shoes. Their breathable upper with elastic lockdown lacing looks amazing. Their thick rubber sole supports your heels to have an energetic game and powerful dunks.

They have numerous attractive features, however, I mention a few of them underneath based in my personal experience. Typically, these are not very famous shoes, however I had quite a good experience with these shoes on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Injection Molded External Heel

AND 1 Vertical is a model of  basketball shoes men with fantastic features. They are a creation of modern shoe manufacturing technology. Their Injection molded external heel is best used for lockdown heel support. Their fabulous features enable them to be the best suitable shoes for an outdoor basketball game.

Injection Molded TPU Shank

You often see wrinkles on the shaft of your shoes due to the flexible movement of the foot. To save the shank from such odd-looking wrinkles, AND 1 benefits injection mold technology. Injection molded TPU shank provides torsional rigidity and support for explosive lateral movement. This not only gives the foot a full good grip but also saves the shoe from such a hideous look.

Classic Memory Foam

This is another distinctive feature of AND 1 which has a specific appeal. The foam sock bed gives your foot a bouncy feel and best substitute for the precious boost cushioning. You feel good bounce from the shoes which supports your foot in rough and tough moves.

Radium Weld Upper

Along with good performance, this pair is adorned with beautiful colour and structure to satisfy your aesthetic sense. Breathable vented Radium Weld upper panel is the application of bold colour graphic treatments to occupy your passion and excite your vigour. This Radium weld upper is a nice feature encompassed by AND 1 Men’s Vertical Basketball Shoes to ensure their superiority.




Best Basketball Shoes Under $80

Adidas Hoops 2.0 Review




  • Cross lace closure for a cool look
  • Cozy and comfortable cushioning
  • Fanciful support of the sole
  • Imported rubber sole
  • Pretty stitch comfort
  • Elegant and smooth model
  • Synthetic leather upper with a ventilated mesh collar
  • Perfect for concrete surfaces


  • They make noise when they are new

Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid are a comfy and beautiful addition to the family of adidas. Three white strips beautify the channel. Soft cushioning transforms its grip into a cosy feeling. Adidas Men’s Hoops have distinctive look that turns them best cheap basketball shoes on a budget. Adidas has always been a fine exhibition of beauty and performance both together.

We study some of the salient features of adidas underneath. This will help you conceive how much adidas hoops can be suitable for your feet. The selection of the best shoes is, actually, the game of pertinence and suitability.

Synthetic Leather Upper

The best use of technology ends at adidas. Here, we witness a specimen of the best use of technology. You find synthetic leather upper that is soft but not less durable anywhere from the pure leather material. For ventilation, small pores scatter in a fine pattern which adds to the beauty of the shoes differently. Ventilation does not let your feet sweat during your hard court games.

Rubber Sole

Adidas hoops are endorsed with rubber soles. Undoubtedly, rubber soles have proved to be the best for boost cushioning and providing good support to your feet during your best move or dunking stance. For best fitting, the shoes are provided with a rubber cup sole that has proved to be the best technique for good, squashy support.

Fit to the Feet

Adidas sanctions wonderful labour and pretty substantial industry on the appearance of the shoes. Their intention and toil are manifest of marvellous job. You may note their signature use of industrious toil in their creation. Here, the junction of the upper and the sole is superb and does not let your feet feel the difference of strong grip along with soft comfy structure.

Boost Cushioning

All along the arch, mesh collar and high shaft there are fairly technically fitted pads that provide the foot with a soft tacky feel without getting the cause of useless irritation. Furthermore, boost cushioning gives bouncy support to the heel of your feet and helps you enjoy your powerful dunks and shooting.




Cheapest Basketball shoes

Nike Men's Training Basketball Shoes




  • Low shaft for agile movement
  • Swoosh design around the collar
  • Best traction pattern
  • Curved outsole creates traction at the edges
  • Medium-cut model
  • Zoom Air units for cushioning


  • The tip is a little narrow for wide feet

Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe is unique in style and fantastic in its design. Velcro strap beautifies the shoe to an optimum level. If you are looking for the best cheap low top basketball shoes then I suggest you buy Nike Men’s Training Basketball shoes. They are especially fine for female feet. The narrow tip fits female feet like a glove. These are designed for fast and agile players.

Nike Men’s is a cheap model of Nike. However, nowhere lets you feel a deficiency of performance or comfort. These are the best cheap low cost basketball shoes.

Medium-Cut Model

The Kyrie Flytrap basketball shoe is a medium-cut model created for dexterous and sprightly players. The unique design makes it easy to quickly put on the shoe and reduce interruptions in the field. This design reduces the grip over the ankles and makes you free from extra grip around them.

Curved Outsole

The curved outsole has a unique pattern that surrounds the midsole from side to side. It helps in maintaining traction on your edges as you reverse your action through your pace. It is a unique pattern of traction channels that enables you to enjoy your ultimate skid-resistant moves in your enthusiastic game.

Zoom Air Unit

The Zoom Air unit provides less visible, responsive cushioning to help you move on the court briskly. This unit is a modern technique that substitutes boost cushioning. As boost cushioning is costly equipment, zoom air unit brings the price down and are used in cheapest basketball shoes without making them poor in quality.

Swoosh Design

Swoosh designs embellish the collar. They comprise dense sewing that contains a resemblance to the seam lines on a basketball. This turns Nike Men’s an affordable knickknack for the athletes who look for cheap but not poor basketball shoes. A hook-and-loop strap crosses over the laces to secure your foot over the footbed.




Best Performance Shoes

Nike Lebron Witness 4 Review




  • Abundant cushioning
  • Lock-in style
  • Low top design
  • Zoom air units under the ball
  • Traditional tongue design
  • Rubber outsole
  • Soft but durable rubber sole
  • Breathable upper


  • A little high price, but worthwhile

Here comes a cheap model of Nike. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness 4 were designed specifically for Lebron. Why Lebron adored such cheap shoes, this we discuss soon. However, the fanciful features of Nike Lebron are quite visible in the picture. One becomes their admirer as soon as one sees these shoes.

These shoes come in the category of cheap shoes. Whatsoever, their price is a little higher than other cheap basketball shoes. The reason is quite vivid. Nike Men’s Lebron are cheap basketball shoes. Let’s see how they differ from the other shoes.

Rubber Sole

Lebron shoes are a symbol of the best performance on the basketball court. Their rubber sole provides good support during your brisk movement and powerful dunks. Witness 4 carries a sole with deep furrows with a subtle pattern to offer maximum traction and strong friction, making Nike Lebron anti-skidding shoes. Rubber sole resists aimless wearing of the shoes as well.

Breathability and Ventilation

Perforation all over the upper, from the toe area to the height of the shaft, ensures a cool feel to your feet even during severe weather. This feature is especially liked by the athletes who sweat profusely and make their socks stink in no time. This quality makes Nike Men’s Lebron Witness 4 a strong rival to cheap NBA shoes.

Comfortable and Supporting Material

I found several features in Nike Lebron that bring them in the category of the best cheap basketball shoes. A wide collar with a customary tongue makes wearing easy. This feature also provides a comfortable, locked-in feel to your feet. Soft foam shuck under the Air unit enhances cushioning in the heel.

Use of Latest Technology

In the construction of Nike Lebron 4, updated technology is instilled. It is created based on the latest Nike Basketball footwear technology. The shoes are endowed with a supportive KnitPosite upper that gives a fantastic feel. Nike Lebron is ornamented with the feature of a large heel Max Air unit, Zoom Air in the forefoot, characteristic tongue design, pull tabs and a rubber outsole with a fabulous traction pattern.



Nike Lebron Witness 4 Performance Review




Best Selling Sneakers

Nike Women's Training - Best Cheap Basketball Shoes




  • Full leather
  • Enhanced air cushioning
  • Iconic Af1 style
  • Zero gravity
  • Glittering upper
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Strong traction
  • Colour: White/Black
  • Logo of “AF-1” on the laces


  • • A little pricey

Nike Women’s Training Basketball Shoe is a marvellous thing of beauty. It is a precious knickknack, with exclusive composition. No doubt, it is ranked as the best cheap basketball shoe, but it is the nowhere cheap article. From its tip to the last segment of the back, it is superb, ostentatious, eccentric and incomparable. Its matchless beauty invites the viewers to say at least some words of praise.

Its glitter, soft tacky feel, impressive look, beautiful style and stunning enterprise, all these features excite its viewers to marvel at it. Let’s have a brief look at its stunning features.

Iconic Air Force 1 Style

Nike Women’s Training Basketball Shoes comprise of iconic Af1 style. Though these shoes are allocated in the list of cheap high top basketball shoes, these are pretentious, highly valuable basketball shoes. They have the capacity to razzle-dazzle your opponents at the first glance. Their signature beauty is wonderful and eye-catching.

Nike Air Cushioning

To boost your style and attacks, Nike adds extra padding and cushioning at the sensitive points of your feet. Your shoes are endorsed with Nike Air cushioning for maximum comfort. This feeling of comfort and grip lasts all day long and you may enjoy your most extensive game without any feeling of exhaustion.

Leather and Fabric Upper

Nike good cheap ball shoes are made up of leather and fabric upper. This material contains many marvellous features. It is durable as well as provides a soft tacky feel. It is lightweight hence adorns the shoes with zero gravity. And it remains cool and does not let your feet sweat profusely. It has unique glitter and shines back at your looks.

Non-Slip Rubber Outsole

On a slippery floor, you need the best anti-skidding shoes. Traction is an inevitable requirement of every athlete. Nike Women’s Basketball Shoes are endowed with a non-slip rubber outsole that offers lofty strength, fitting and grip. A beautiful souvenir beautifies mid-upper. It is a metal tag on the laces with the logo “AF-1 ’82” introducing the first model of this shoe.




This was an amazing experience to mention the great names which twinkle warmly in the galaxy of basketball producers. Though some glittering names are included in the names of the best cheap basketball shoe manufacturers with some distinction, yet no name is easy to exclude. Throughout the article, a feeling of awe keeps hovering. Such a beauty these brands contain that one might get awe-struck and keep on eying their creation.

I have discussed that the word “cheap” does not mean missing some important unit of the performance. Rather, it is something on which you may compromise. So, these were cheap shoes. But I found nowhere this word matching with their style and performance. Their shine, beauty, and amazing look; everything is awesome.

Meanwhile, if you want to make a quick decision, and want to buy the best low price basketball shoes, I will recommend you Adidas Harden Stepback; it is perfect to be used on both indoor and outdoor floors. Secondly, I have found Under Armour Men as an excellent choice due to their multidimensional features such as cushioning effect, stability arrangements, and of course durability.

Thirdly, I love Nike Lebron Witness due to its extravagant functionalities that add value to this shoe. Do give it a try, and enjoy 100% value of your money.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. What are the best cheap basketball shoes?

Based on the assessment, the following brands may be the best ones for you:

  1. Under Armour Men’s HOVR
  2. Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid
  3. Nike Men’s Training Basketball Shoe
  4. Nike Women’s Training Basketball Shoe


Q2. What are the best basketball shoes under $100?

You may find the following cheap basketball shoes under $100. However, low price does not mean that these shoes have some defect or manufacturing flaw. These may be short of something that only beautifies the shoes and does not affect the performance.

  1. Under Armour Men’s HOVR
  2. Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback
  3. Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid


Q3. Is it OK to wear basketball shoes casually?

Of course, it is OK to wear basketball shoes casually. They look awesome and do not let you exhaust even after a long walk or your visit to the market. You may enjoy their soft tacky feel during your trip to some nearby lake or hill stations.

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