Best Pool Basketball Hoop 2023 – Top 8 Floating & Inflatable Hoops

Summer gets cool at the side of a pool. And when you are inside the pool, wonderful images your mind then creates. And, yes! Spending the time having a splendid pool game is the best idea. Which game you will opt to play? I think, among all the games which you play inside the pool, the best and warmest one is basketball. What an idea to take best pool basketball hoop with you, enter your pool and enjoy an enthusiastic game with your family and friends.

Particularly, kids are truly enthusiastic about the addition of a basketball hoop on pool side, and I am it is enough to engage them in a healthy activity for hours. By now, there has come a huge variety of pool basketball hoop in the market, however it is not necessary that each of them has ability to meet come up your expectations. So, let’s see that what to look while purchasing a pool side basketball hoop.

Best Pool Basketball Hoop

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This article will provide you with familiarity with the different kinds of pool basketball hoops. This data will, ultimately, help you find the most suitable hoop for you.

Selection Criteria: I grew up shooting and dunking my basketball on both permanent and poolside hoops that are usually made up of plastic. Having used the experience of years playing with multiple types of hoops along with an additional, but extensive research of 46 hours, I have successfully gathered some of the best poolside basketball hoops in one place. Based on my personal use of most of these products and the opinions of some credible professional basketball players, I am certain that the following information will help you buy the best pool side basketball hoop.

Meanwhile, all of the given products have been chosen on the basis of their durability, functionality, convenience to manage, and somehow their aesthetics.

Pool Basketball Hoop
GoSports Splash Hoop PRO
Best Poolside Hoop
Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System
Best Adjustable Pool
SwimWays 2 In 1 Combo Set
Best Budget
GoSports Splash Floating Pool Hoop
Best Budget
Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Hoop
Best Above Ground Hoop
Swimline 90285 Giant Shootball Floating Pool
Best Floating Hoop
SwimWays Poolside Basketball Hoop
Best In-Ground/Above-Ground Hoop
iBaseToy Basketball Hoop
Best Swimming Pool Hoop
Top Picks

GoSports Splash Hoop Pro

GoSports Splash Hoop PRO

  • Good Design
  • Poolside Fast Setup
  • Robust Backboard


SwimWays 2 in 1 Combo Set

SwimWays 2 In 1 Combo Set

  • Solid Steel Rim
  • Two-balls Included
  • All-Weather Resistant


PoolMaster 72783 Pro

Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Hoop

  • WaterProof Net
  • Durable Material
  • 14-Inch PVC Hoop




Best Poolside Hoop

GoSports Splash Hoop PRO



  • Water filled immovable base
  • Pretty design
  • Fast poolside setup
  • Robust construction
  • Huge backboard
  • Forceful rebounds
  • includes ball pump with needle
  • Includes two inflatable water basketballs


  • No separate plug to drain water

Gosports Splash Hoop has been my favorite due to its convenient pool side setup and robust construction. In scorching heat of summer, I truly found this pool side basketball hoop an amazing product for dunking.


Typically, the Gosports Splash Hoop PRO is the real picture of its name. The pool hoop remains incomplete without a huge splash. Superficially, a hoop may look fanciful and fabulous. However, its performance and internal features come above board when you shoot the basketball at the backboard or dunk the ball vigorously. GoSports Splash forebears your vicious dunks or your huge shots easily. This feature confirms GoSports Splash PRO as the best Pool basketball hoop.


Make a Splash

GoSports hoop has transferred your beloved game of basketball from the basketball court to the pool, where you may get the excitement of splash. In summer, when every nose is heading towards the water pool, you will have different ideas. Others will splash only to swim, but you will splash with the basketball to jump at your favorite basketball hoop for the pool.

Modern Design

The modern design of GoSports hoop adorns your pool game with beauty. You may enjoy the Swimming pool basketball hoop now with a different zeal and zest. Your joy of the game does not confine to the pool only now. Your taste of dunking also improves with the robust design of the GoSports hoop. Summer pool parties have got new fun now.

Robust Construction

To enjoy pool basketball to the maximum extent, you need a hoop with robust construction. A common hoop can’t conform to your fervor for plunging the basketball vigorously. GoSports Splash PRO has a robust 31-inch x 23-inch backboard and 14-inch rim, which amazingly guarantees the most challenging pool play.

Poolside Setup

Like all young people, you must require a speedy setup. You can’t wait for long before you may start the real game. Splash Hoop PRO consents to a fast setup. It is adorned with a heavy base for immovability. GoSports hoop lands at the poolside with royal grace. It offers you to enjoy all your spare time experiencing new styles of shooting and dunking.




Best Adjustable Pool

Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System



  • Heavy-duty 27-Gallon base
  • Gorgeous look
  • Shatterproof fusion 44” backboard
  • Polycarbonate playing surface
  • Fade-resistant weather-resistant graphics
  • Powder coated strong pole
  • Solid steel rim
  • All-weather net


  • It does not come with a ball

Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System with all its glory is here. Lifetime is getting more and more popular for their sturdy and efficient products. This basketball system contains the same appearance and performance for which Lifetime is famous around the globe and makes it the best pool basketball hoop. It is a pretty smart, robust, and gorgeous piece of the hoop. Nonetheless, its performance is  constant and tormenting.

Meanwhile, I have found this hoop perfectly suitable for adults due to its height; however, it can be adjusted, still children might find it little difficult to dunk the ball in the rim.

Shatterproof Fusion Backboard

As you know, the most important part of a hoop is its backboard. Surface, safety frame, and pro slam rim, all the components of a nice backboard need to be perfect and sturdy. Lifetime has adorned Pool Side System with 44” Shatterproof Fusion Backboard. It has a polycarbonate playing surface with an unbreakable polyethylene frame for a durable, pro-glass look.

UV-Protected Graphics

Aesthetic sense also has its demands. To fulfill its demands, the Lifetime hoop is decorated with pretty graphics. Graphics are screen-printed with UV-protected inks for loftier color and shield against the harsh elements. 2-piece round steel pole is protected with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish making it more durable and long-lasting.

Telescoping Height Adjustment

According to your requisites, the Lifetime System is fitted with height adjustment tools. It is a telescoping height adjustment that adjusts the rim from 4 to 6.5 feet in 6-inch increments. The process of height adjustment is easy and simple. No tools are required to adjust the height. Lifetime System has made the height adjustment process fun.

Original Classic Basketball Rim

As I have discussed earlier, the rim is an important component of the backboard and prey to hard dunks and severe shots. It must be very strong and resilient. Lifetime fits the system with the original basketball rim. Original classic basketball rim is made up of a 5/8-inch solid-steel ring supported by 1/2-inch braces. The rim contains an all-weather nylon net.




Best Budget

SwimWays 2 In 1 Combo Set



  • 2 Heavy duty water or sand-filled base
  •  Gorgeous structure
  •  Constructed of durable plastic
  •  Fade-resistant weather-resistant graphics
  •  Heavy duty plastic made strong pole
  •  Solid steel rim
  •  All-weather net
  • Two balls included


  •  Needs to fill the base completely with the sand otherwise the hoop may lean

Welcome the sun using SwimWays 2 In 1 Combo Set. The SwimWays 2-in-1 Pool Sport Combo is the picture-perfect insertion at the pool. With this combo set, you can choose either water volleyball or basketball. With a cool setup and rapid procedure to shift between games, you can instantly start your game. The water-filled plastic base affords robust firmness during play.

Created of hard-wearing plastic and waterproof netting, the game set repels rust and fungus. The volleyball net spreads to 24 feet, making it unparalleled for any pool. Grotesque for grown-ups and kids alike, the whole family may relish the boom game in the pool.

Fun in One

To add fun, SwimWays gives the option to switch the game. With a little change in the equipment, you may play pool basketball or water volleyball. You can easily switch between your favorite pool games. The SwimWays basketball hoop easily transforms into volleyball posts and back again.


The paraphernalia is resilient and durable. Water-filled base and plastic made backboard not only look sturdy in the picture, but also they really are. You may rely upon the material for your strong, vicious dunks. You may shoot at the backboard as freely as you love to. Strong material provides strong stability during play.

Easy to Assemble

SwimWays Combo Set is not difficult at all to assemble. You don’t need to pick tools with you all the time as no tools are required for setup. It also takes no time to assemble the gadget at the brim of the pool.

Heavy Duty Construction

Rusting is a big problem for the gadgets which stay close to water all the time. SwimWays has solved this problem. They make all the gadgets of plastic. Then, you need not worry about rusting. Furthermore, the plastic, which is used in the construction of the product, is strong and resilient. It does not break until you use a truck to turn it into pieces. All these invincible qualities assure that SwimWays manufacture the best pool basketball hoop.

What I have learned about this hoop is that it is the best suitable for children. Adults might dunk the ball in the rim, however the manufacturing of the hoop is explicitly suitable for children.




Best Budget


GoSports Splash Floating Pool Hoop



  • The hoop includes 2 water basketballs
  • It also includes a premium hand pump with inflation needle
  • Floating hoop
  • Modern design
  • Prompt assembly
  • Constructed for pool play
  • Weight less than 5 pounds
  • No tools required for assembly


  • A little expensive than other floating hoops but worth the cost

I am in love with this floating basketball hoop due to convenience of its assembly and its excellent functionality. According to my personal experience with this floating hoop, you can improve your dunking skills in a far better way than any other pool side hoop.

Furthermore, GoSports Splash Hoop 360 is a good replacement for the permanent hoop.  It takes seconds to set up this hoop with a weight of fewer than 5 pounds.

Make a Splash

Either you are 12 or 50; you may spend hours of fun in the pool. There’s no better way to let the kids enjoy the splash this summer. Beat the heat this summer with GoSports Splash Hoop 360. The hoop includes 1 Splash Hoop, 2 Water Basketballs, and Ball Pump for the vital swimming pool festivity. So, don’t keep waiting. It is time to go.

Modern Design

It is the age of technology. Everything is changing its shape. With that change, your prerequisites also transform their location. You feel that you have to go with the modern age and you need modern equipment to beautify your life. You can’t go with old-fashioned objects anymore. Splash Floating Pool is made to boost your life with the modern gadget. So, here you are! Get ready to adorn your pool games with Splash Floating Pool.

Built for Pool Play

Splash Pool 360 is built for pool play. It has all the features that you need to splash around. It offers a vigorous game even if you are too many in number to play. This is the only hoop that you can attack from all around. Then, you see, there are 100 percent more chances to enjoy the game together.

Instant Assembly

The hoop assembles in seconds with easy assembly tools. It takes far less time than other hoops, which may take much too long. And they may also require tools for assembly. With Splash Hoop 360, you don’t have to wait for long to start your enthusiastic game. Enter the pool and get a slam dunk on summer instantly.




Best Above Ground Hoop

Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Hoop




  • Includes pro game basketballs
  •  Polyethylene waterproof net
  •  Poly form composite base
  •  Durable material
  •  Instant assembly
  •  No tools required for assembly
  •  All-weather hard-body backboard
  • Reasonable weight


  • Screws and Bolts must be cleaned properly after each game; otherwise, they might get rusty

Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder is a new apparatus, but it has gained popularity very fast. It is named a rebounder because of its backboard surface. It looks like a simple device coupled with professional performance. This is particularly built for poolside basketball feat. You might amaze at how it sits on deck for the pool.

Its durable material, large size, and robust structure, all those features bring it in the assortment of the best pool basketball hoop. It is an immaculate swimming pool game for basketball zealots, beginners, grown-ups, and teenagers.

All-Weather Material

Poolside hoops are always open to water and other environmental factors which cause rusting. The fungus also attacks such objects immediately. Therefore, the manufacturers look for the toughest kind of plastic. Based on the same line Poolmaster is created from resilient rain-or-shine polyform plastic, which resists the harsh outdoor elements and all kinds of fungus.

Assembles In Minutes

Poolmaster Rebounder has another commendable feature. In minutes you may assemble it without using any tools or taking the help of a stranger. The paraphernalia is easy to assemble. Only you have to follow the instructions. You need not wait for hours before having the basketball in your hands and dunk it in your specific style.

Sits Poolside   

Poolmaster contains a heavy-duty weather-resistant base to sit at the poolside. It may be filled with water or sand for stability. However, sand is recommended preferably. This compact polyform base measures 25.5-inch by 34-inch. Its robust material is strong enough to resist the harshest elements.

Complete Game Set

The Pro-Rebounder Poolside Basketball Hoop for swimming pools comes complete with its basic components along with a basketball and an inflating needle. Its mold-resistant polyester-coated net is all-weather resistant. The net is made from fungus-resistant polyester-coated threads. The sturdy base only needs 18 x 21-inch of the floor.

Point to Note

As per my research, I have heard quite a good remarks about this hoop; however, I have also come to know about the rusty bolts and screws. To avoid this problem, I suggest you proper cleaning of all screws and bolts attached with backboard after you have played your game. Make sure that there are no traces of water left on the bolts and screws.



Best Floating Hoop

Swimline 90285 Giant Shootball Floating Pool



  • Multi ports for multi shooters
  •  Includes pro game basketballs
  •  Durable all-weather material
  •  No assembly required
  •  Built for pool play
  •  No pump is needed to inflate it
  •  Can be used as ride-on toy


  • It requires more care than conventional pool side hoops

Swimline 90285 Giant Shootball Has a unique style. A unique and novel gadget grabs a specific attraction not only of the kids but also of the grownups. It invites multi shooter through its multi ports. It’s really an amazing game which you are going to have with Swimline Giant Shootball.

Multi Ports for Multiple Shooters

To enhance the excitement of the pool ball game, this type of gadget is implausible. Satisfaction is the crux of every creative work. Only that creation is successful, which touches your innate passions and achieves your satisfaction. You may amaze by the distinctive design of the hoop, but remember, this multi ports gadget for multi-shooters can raise the excitement of the game multi-folds.

Unique Floating Game

As I have mentioned above, sometimes a unique thing gets the cause of your amazement. But, later on, this amazement turns into excitement. This unique floating game can be attacked from all sides, and then it has the capacity to engage many players at a time, providing them the most exciting moment of the game, which is not other than dunking and plunging. In this way, this unique floating game can cause more excitement in the pool than any other thing. 

Heavy Gauge Vinyl

If we talk about durability, Swimline90285 again supersedes others. It is created from heavy gauge PVC, the toughest inflatable material. It annihilates all the suspicions about the life of the gadget. Therefore, be comforted; Swimline is durable and has long-life paraphernalia that is going to last for long enough until you get ready for a new hoop.

45-Inch Tall By 36-Inch Wide

Your kids will have hours of fun with this unique floating game. Giant 45-inch tall inflatable Swimline has great basketball action. It measures 36-inch wide by 45-inch high. It is a really huge size. And, definitely, you need this huge size to fulfill all your requirements from this multi ports huge gadget.




In-Ground/Above-Ground Hoop

SwimWays Poolside Basketball Hoop



  •  Extra-large durable 22.5-inch backboard
  •  Includes a pro-style basketball
  •  Designed to be lightweight and portable
  •  Weatherproof material
  •  Stable and permanent
  •  Designed for fun
  •  No tools are required for assembly


  • The net inclines to fade against the blazing sun

SwimWays Poolside Basketball Game is a heavy-duty swimming pool basketball game set. Do not miss even a single day without enjoying an incredible basketball game with this hoop at your pool side. Its giant size remains massively helpful for players to dunk their shots in the rim, and set a good target against other participants of the game.

Extra Large Backboard

The most prominent part of the hoop is its large-sized durable backboard. Its dimensions are 22.5-inch x 36-inch x 40.5-inch. Its weight is 10.25 pounds. This large size and lightweight do not get adverse in the presence of robust and sturdy material. It is strong and firm. Graphics made on the backboard are eye-capturing and fade-resistant.

Sturdy Base

The hoop has an inspiring heavy-duty base. The hoop stands like a monarch on its sturdy base. You may fill the base with water. However, it is better if you use sand for this purpose. The sturdy base with built-in ball rest has a picturesque beauty. None can neglect the eye-catching figure standing at the corner of your pool.

Quick and Easy Assembly

SwimWays Poolside Basketball game takes no time to start. It has quick and easy assembly. You require no tools to install it. Often you get in a mess while assembling such devices, which come in parts, and you have to join them before your start the real game. But, you will feel no nuisance in assembling and installing the hoop for you.

Pro-Style Basketball

In the package, you will also find a nice basketball. It has a professional look and amazing performance. You will be happy to spin it in your fingers. You may feel incredible pleasure in tossing and propelling the basketball because of its leathery surface and wonderful size. Its touch is, in fact, awe-inspiring and ecstatic.




Best Swimming Pool Hoop

iBaseToy Basketball Hoop



  • A giant size poolside hoop
  •  Includes two pro-style basketballs and a pump
  •  Designed to be lightweight and portable
  •  Weatherproof material ensuring stability and permanence
  •  Supreme quality material
  •  Full money-back guarantee


  • Might blown up if comes in contact with something sharp

iBaseToy Basketball Hoop is a perfect giant floating hoop. It makes the kids ready for competitive water play. It inspires kids and adults to have trick shots at the Water basketball hoop. This inflatable hoop is buoyant and sturdy. It is made up of heavy 0.3mm PVC rubber. It has three large compartments to inflate it easily. You may inflate it either by blowing it up or with a pump. It may be squeezed to a small size for porting to another place or storing it for next season.

New Level of Fun

With iBase Hoop, get ready for some boisterous fun in the pool. With this floating basketball hoop, you may create a novel way to relish your pool with your friends and family. And with this pool basketball hoop, you can play a variety of games of hoops. You can use the game of chances by using the point system shown on the five exit ports on the basket.

Strong and Durable Construction

iBase Hoop is made up of tough and resilient material. No need to worry about the quality of this inflatable pool basketball hoop. It’s made from strong 0.3mm thick PVC and will last through many summers of rough use.

Many Different Ways to Play

There are many different ways to enjoy this basketball game. You can come up with rules and have a competitive, score-keeping game. Or you can just take turns trying to get a basket. Use the random scores printed on the openings where the ball pops out after a basket, or make up other rules. Any number and any age can play.

Easy To Inflate and Deflate

iBase Toy Hoop has a large and handsome hoop. It is 33-inch tall and 37-inch wide. It seems that blowing it up could be a difficult task. But it is not difficult at all. You will find it quite easy to blow it up by mouth or with a pump. It deflates quickly for porting or storing in the cold season.



A Guide to Choose Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

Finding a poolside basketball hoop is a surprising quest. Surprising the way, that you come across a variety of hoops when you visit the market. To understand what you should look for, you must have knowledge of the variety available in the market. In the quest of finding best pool basketball hoop, you must remember a few key points.

1. Robust and Resilient Material

Material of the hoop is the most important feature that you must take care of before buying a hoop. It should be heavy-duty plastic or PVC hoop. You may judge the quality of the material by its texture and girth when you move your fingers on the body.

2. Easily Inflatable

Always try to find a hoop that is easily inflatable. Most of the pool hoops come with blow up inflated gadgets. It is, somehow, better than pump and needle inflation. So, go to blow up hoops. Blowing up is a faster process than using a small pump with a puny needle.

3. Easily Portable

You often need to transport your hoop. When the season gets off, or you wish to have a pool game at a lake instead of your home pool, you need to transport the gadget. Hence, get some easily portable hoop.

4. Easy to Install

Get a hoop that is easy to install. There are some hoops, which look very complicated to install, and sometimes they miss an important component or a tool in the box. Hence, it is better to choose a hoop that looks easy to install, without using any tool.

5. Modern Design

In the selection of a hoop, you must remember an important thing. Never opt for an obsolete or outdated gadget. If you are having an obsolete gadget you may face difficulty finding a broken part of your gadget from the market easily.

6. Shatterproof Fusion Backboard

If you are going to select a hoop with a backboard, you must take care of the material of the backboard. You must see the tag saying shatterproof fusion backboard before buying the required hoop.

7. Floating Hoop

Some floating hoops are also available in the market. These are good and may bring an enthusiastic game into your pool. But, remember, floating hoops are suitable for kids only. If you are going to buy a hoop for grown-up people, then switch to a poolside backboard hoop.

8. All-Weather Net

And at the end, we talk about the net. Net is an important component of your hoop. It should be strong, beautiful, sleek and all-weather resistant. You get your game boring in its absence and if you miss it you will have to look for it at different places.



I have experienced it myself that playing basketball at pool side is something different than the regular game; however, it is truly more engaging and exciting. Whether it is about children or grownups, pool side basketball game has capacity to keep you engaged for hours. Meanwhile, you cannot forget the importance of a right pool basketball hoop – and it was the reason that led me to write this comprehensive article on best pool basketball hoops.

Furthermore, if you are still in hurry, and want to make a quick, yet valuable purchase, I will suggest you the GoSports Splash Hoop because of its excellent service in all regards and convincing features. At second, there comes the Lifetime Pool Side Basketball Hoop which is sturdy enough to sustain your violent shots. I must say that Lifetime is perfectly suitable for adults and children; specially, for those who want stability of hoop with maximum sturdiness.

Thirdly, I will recommend you the Swimland Original 90285 Floating Basketball Hoop that allows you to practice dunks from its multiple ports.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. What’s the best portable basketball hoop to buy?

After a long research and reading I’ve reached the conception that SwimWays Poolside Basketball Game is the best portable basketball hoop to buy. It contains marvelous professional features and inspires to have a pro game.

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