G League Salary – Highest, Lowest, Coach Salaries in 2023

From 2001 to 2017, the NBA’s development league served as a minor basketball league. Later on, in 2017 this minor league was named G League. NBA G League has gained good ground in the past few years because it is one of the considerable options for those high schoolers who do not want to attend college. So, considering the keen interest of young players in the G League, I am going to tell you about the details of the NBA G League Salary in 2023.

Typically, NBA G League provides younger players with a platform where they can develop skills and make them strong technically under the supervision of coaches. Most of the time, official NBA players are assigned to coach G League players – however, they also deem it an opportunity to give good practice to their attacking and defending moves.

Meanwhile, there are 29 teams in G League, and each team has an association with one of the official NBA teams. So, players are not bound by contracts with the individual team; instead, they contract with the league. All players who enter the contract with the league are on salary, and G League Salary is our topic of the day.

G League Salary

NBA G league Salary Scales in 2023

Players in NBA G League are not paid equally; instead, there has been introduced a scale system in 2023 is used to decide the salary of a player based on his skill. Usually, given scales are in-line that decide the salary of players in the G League;


1. Select Players

Select players are recruited through “Select Contract” which offers a salary of $125,000 to every player. Usually, players in this category possess quite remarkable skills with strong technical knowledge of basic to advanced shots. Players with a minimum age of 18 years are recruited in this category.

This select contract has been primarily designed for players who do not want to attend college and want to join basketball as professional players in the future.

However, there is an interesting fact that Jaylen Green earned $500,000 under a similar contract in years 21/22.


2. Two-Way Players

Salaries of Two Way Players start from $502,000 in years 22/23 which is almost half of the amount of a minimum Rookie Contract. Each team in NBA is allowed to spot two seats for two-way players, and these two-way players spend most of their time playing G League. Players who are in the fourth season or in any earlier season meet the criteria of participating as two-way players in G League.

Players bound with this contract can participate in fifty official NBA Games, but they are not allowed to play in playoffs.


3. Assignment Players

Assignment players keep on receiving their actual NBA salaries even when associated with G League. Each team in NBA can assign any of their players who has less than three years of experience to their NBA G League affiliate team.

Most of the young players who often do not see the court are sent to the G League to help young players improve their skills and better their confidence against big guns.


4. Affiliate Player

Affiliate players are referred to as those 4 players who are recruited by NBA organizations for their NBA G League affiliate teams. These players can move to NBA teams after being the part of NBA G league. Players recruited under this program can make a maximum of $50,000 and some of the partial guarantees in the NBA training camp are also inclusive.


5. Draft Players

Under the Draft’s Rights Division, the NBA G League recruits players under the age of 18 years. However, the participants are yet to be selected for the G championship through drafting. Players drafted for the G championship cannot be called by the NBA unless the season ends.

Lads recruited under this program make $7000 per month, and it remains the same for 5 months unless the season ends. So, the total amount earned by draft players is $35,000 in 5 months. This is the lowest G league salary earned by players in the NBA G league.



Therefore, in the NBA G League, players are recruited through the aforementioned contracts and earn their respective salaries. However, the followings are some more related information about G league salary that you should know;


Jalen Green’s G League Salary

Jalen Green, the American player who was recruited during the draft in 2020 was the highest-paid G league player. While being the part of G league he earned $500,000 before he made his way to NBA Side in the Houston Rockets team.

Most of the players who become the part of G league find their way to the main championship.


Highest G League Salary in 2023

The highest G league salary in 2023 belongs to Sharife Cooper who has a two-way deal with the Atlanta Hawks and with the College Park Skyhawks which is the G championship affiliate of the former team. His NBA G league salary for one year is $462,629 which is the highest G league salary in 2023.


G League Coach’s Salary

Coaches play a fundamental role in polishing and developing the skills and players recruited in the G league through different contracts. This is the reason that coaches are paid handsomely – the NBA G League coach earns a salary of $75,000 annually. There is an interesting fact to note that the assistant coach also earns the same salary earned by the main coach.


Quick Summary of Contracts and Salaries in NBA G League

Have a clear and quick idea about the main contracts and their salaries in NBA G League:

  • Select players makes $125,000 with call up pay
  • Two-way players are the part of standard G league contract for $7000 per month, and $125,000 as a select player. Salary of two-way players might reach $502,000 annually when combined with NBA Time and other incentives.
  • Assignment players are on attachment with G league team from their official NBA team – these players receive the similar salaries offered them as an NBA official team player.
  • Affiliate player makes $50,000 with some partial guarantees
  • Draft players have the lowest NBA salary of $7000 per month that lasts for 5 months making the total amount $35,000 by the end of season.

So, these are all details about salaries in NBA G league. Those who want to skip college, and enter some official league to play football, G league is for them.


Final Words

Salaries in G league aren’t the same for all players – there are different contracts, and each contract has its own components that contribute in deciding the total salary of a player. If you consider yourself good enough at the game, G league is a worthy option for you to pave the way for big leagues.

Though you aren’t making a very handsome money, still you are being paid for something that you love to do – and later on, you choose it as your career.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is maximum NBA G league salary?

Maximum NBA G league salary is earned by players recruited under two-way player contract. Their total salary is $502,000 per year.

What is minimum NBA G league salary?

NBA minimum salary belongs to draft players who make $7000 per month for 5 months unless the season ends. So, the lowest salary in NBA G league is $35,000.

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