How to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled with Sand? Simple Guide

Basketball is among the games becoming promptly popular across the world – in the days of lockdown, it really boomed, and this is the reason that basketball hoops are common sight installed in the backyards or driveways. However, if someone has a portable basketball hoop that is required to move from one place to another, what would you do? Yes, this is my topic of the day, and in this article, I will answer your question about how to move a basketball hoop filled with sand.

If you are a basketball enthusiast, there could be nothing better in the world than having a basketball hoop in your backyard. If it is a portable basketball hoop, you may come across the need to move it from one place to another, and bear in mind portable basketball hoops aren’t feather-weighted that you can easily move; however, the following are certain techniques that might help you move a basketball hoop filled with sand.


What Are the Types of Basketball Hoops?

There are two types of basketball hoops, an In-Ground basketball hoop, and a Portable Basketball Hoop:

In-Ground basketball hoops are installed in the ground after digging a hole in it and later on filling it with concrete. These hoops are immovable unless they are pulled out of the earth and installed at some different place.

On the other hand, Portable Basketball Hoops are moveable. At the base of these basketball hoops, water or sand is filled to make them sturdy against attacks of players or blows of wind. However, still moving these portable hoops isn’t easy.

Don’t worry; I have got your back now.


How to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled with Sand?

Portable Basketball Hoops are in massive demand because people tend to find a recreational means that keeps them mentally and physically fit – and portable basketball hoop has all these things. These hoops are an A-shaped structure with a base that can be filled with water or sand to remain still against different forces acting on it.

Usually, the weight of these hoops remains around 100lbs to 500lbs, and of course, you may need someone’s help to move them. Hoops have wheels attached to their base, so they can be easily moved around, but still, you need to follow the proper guide; otherwise, you may damage the hoop or injure yourself. In case there is water in the base of the hoop, you can drain it, but if there is sand, it will be challenging.

How to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled with Sand


Things to Consider Before Moving Basketball Hoop

Before we start with the steps to move the basketball hoop filled with the sand, here are some important tips that can ease this daunting task for you:


1. Disassemble it

Some of the portable hoops are foldable, and they are easy to move. It will be a great help for you if your hoop is easy to collapse in parts. But if you are unable to do this, leave it as it is; we will sort it out later in this article.


2. Remove Backboard

When it comes to moving the hoop filled with sand, make sure that you separate the backboard from the frame. Especially if you have a backboard of glass, do not take the risk and separate it right away. Removing the backboard will reduce the net weight, and it will be convenient to move.


3. Choose the Path

When you are due to move your hoop filled with sand, isn’t it better to plan it properly? Of course, you should plan it before you start moving it. It is better to decide the path through which you will move. Make sure that the chosen path is the shortest possible distance to your destination.


4. Size of Your Basketball Hoop

Among other factors, the size of the hoop is also very important to keep into account. If the size is massive, you may need to adopt a different tactic. So, it is suggested to consider the size of your basketball hoop before you start moving it.


Steps to Move Your Basketball Hoop

Having assured the aforementioned factors, now you set to move the hoop filled with sand. So, here we go:


Step 1

First of all, place one foot in the middle of the base, right at the wheels of the hoop, while the next foot is right up against the other foot. To keep the balance, you can adjust the position of your feet.

Step 2

Exert enough force to drag the hoop. It may require considerable force. While doing this, take care of your balance.

Step 3

Keep in mind that pulling a basketball hoop is safer than pushing it. So, acting upon the told adjustment, pull it in the direction you want to move it. The best approach is to stand in the direction where you want to take it and then pull it towards you.

Step 4

It is very important to move slowly; otherwise, you may topple it, resulting in damage to your basketball hoop.

Step 5

Pull the hoop until its base is above the ground. Now, you can displace your foot from the base of the hoop and drag it to the place where you want to take it.

This is how you can move your basketball hoop from one place to other. Meanwhile, keep in mind that wheel’s support only To and Fro motion of the base. In case you want to move it in some other direction or sideways, you must rotate the whole structure in the desired direction.

Therefore, this is how to move a basketball hoop filled with sand. Using this approach, you can conveniently move your portable basketball hoop and take it to the place where you want.



So, now you have a crystal-clear picture before you, and you can easily move your basketball hoop filled with sand from one place to another place. If there was water in the base, make it full again before you start hooping with it.

If you have any questions related to this topic, let me know in the comment section!



Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )


How do I keep my basketball hoop from falling over?

If you have a portable basketball hoop, it may fall, which can result in damage. Therefore, to avoid any unpleasant incident, you can fill the base of your basketball hoop with water or sand. For in-ground hoops, this problem does not exist as it is already fixed on earth.

How do I choose a basketball hoop?

When it comes to choosing the basketball hoop, you must consider your circumstances or nature of use. If you are concerned about the safety and sure that you will not need to move it, you are better to go with an in-ground basketball hoop. But if you want to move your basketball hoop from one place to another, it is better to choose an in-ground basketball hoop.

Should I use sand or water in my portable basketball hoop?

Well, sand is much denser than water; however, it is pretty much difficult to move your basketball hoop with sand. In contrast, water can be easily drained out of the base. So, I recommend you to use water at the base of your basketball hoop.

Can we move the in-ground basketball hoop?

Yes, you can move your in-ground basketball hoop. But it is far more difficult to move a portable basketball hoop. For this purpose, you need to dig the hole and get the pole of the basketball hoop out of the earth. This is the only method to move your in-ground basketball hoop.

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