NBA Players Wingspan – Longest and Shortest Wingspans 2023

There are very few games in which the height of the players counts a big deal. Nevertheless, there is only one game, basketball, in which height, as well as wingspan, plays a significant role. In fact, NBA players wingspan helps in shooting and dumping the basketball efficiently. The higher the players can plunge, the loftier the game they exhibit.

NBA Players Wingspan


Importance of NBA Players Wingspan

NBA players wingspan is getting so important that the selectors take the measures of the candidate before examining his fitness or other potentials. If you are a tall boy and have a longer wingspan, you must try to wear outdoor basketball shoes, specific costumes and enter the basketball court. You are made to play the enthusiastic game as a professional person.

If you observe the leading teams of the world, you will witness that they have very tall boys with longer wingspans. They are dominating the world of the games. Perhaps you find a boy with a huge length of the arms that you call them freaks. But he is not a freaky creature. He is created with a purpose; with the purpose of dominating the world of the most popular court game.

The modern age of games is the age of severe competition and hard contest. Basketball is one of the games in which physical collision is an indispensable part of the sport. In each such sport, the contestants need different categories of physical form and fitness. Similarly, players wingspan has got very much importance in the game of basketball.

It helps the players during the following courses:

  • Drooling and slithering
  • Shooting the ball into the basket
  • Blocking the shots
  • Diving and Dumping
  • Passing the ball
  • Interception in hard tussles


1. Dribbling

Obviously, with large hands, it gets easy to dribble in the arena. The players with large hands gain a good grip on the ball and hence they can dribble it in many ways, using different progressions. In this situation, their opponents can do nothing other than open their mouths and see the ball going out of their reach.


2. Flinging and Propelling

Large arms are very helpful in flinging and propelling the ball. With a little tactic, the contestant can propel the ball high over the heads of his opponent. Only he has to learn how he can use his supreme faculty in the best way.


3. Deterring the Opponents

A contestant with large hands can deter his opponents quite effectively. He needs only to stand and then fling his hands towards the ball. He prevents the ball to reach in the hands of his opponents very comfortably. His opponent might only amaze how and when the basketball has transferred from his hand into a large hand of his opponent.


4. Powerful Dunks

With giant arms and gigantic hands, you may make more commanding dunks. As soon as you reach near the backboard, your audience feels thrilled and gets ready to see a potent dunk by you and then you hear nothing but roars of excitement. All the eyes are fixed on the fling of your arms and then a great hang on goal.


5. Influential Passing

With your gigantic hands, you may pass the ball to your team. Of course, your grip on the ball helps you in passing the ball and throwing it right into the hand of your companion. With large fingers, you may feel more confident of your transitory and, naturally, confidence generates successes.


6. Dominating the Tussles

A player with a large wingspan dominates the tussles as he can manipulate the ball on his own accord. Such a player really guarantees a victorious game. He picks the ball from above the heads of the fighters, while they entangle each other in a crowded brawl, and passes it to his companion. He not only dominates the tussles but also the whole, sensational sport.


7. Ape Index

Ape Index is a term used to tell the ratio of the arm span to the height of a player. Essentially, in this sport, extraordinary height is not much helpful as arm span. A boy with less height can jump high and tackle the ball. However, the arm length should not be more than 2 inches than the height.

The sportsmen with good ape index are better performers as they can grasp and fling the ball and block the shots more efficiently. It is why a contestant with a better ape index is favored more than a taller one. Before discussing the contestants with a better ape index, let us see how the wingspan is measured.



How to Calculate the Wingspan

If you are a basketball player, you must know your wingspan. As it is mentioned, your arm to body ratio is very important. If you are short but have normal arm span, you are warmly welcomed.

It is not difficult at all to calculate the wingspan. You need to follow the following instructions and you will easily calculate your wingspan.

  • Stretch your hands like a bird
  • Take a measuring tape in inches
  • Ask your friend to measure the length of the arms
  • Length should be taken from the tips of your fingers

The method is as easy as a child’s play.



Wingspan of Famous NBA Players

In the history of this amazing sport, there are many names which came at the top with the longest wingspan. Some of the players with good ape index are mentioned below.


1. Manute Bol Wingspan

The measures of Manute Bol are considered to be at the top of the list. He is 7 feet 7 inches tall and his wingspan is 8 feet 6 inches. Obviously, it is the best ape index all over the world at the moment.


2. Shane Larkin Wingspan

Another contestant namely Shane Larkin is famous for his measurement. But he is not famous for the longest measures, rather is famous for the shortest length. His measurements are only 5 feet 10 inches. It is amazing to note that he gets the fame of a very successful sportsman even with his shortest measurements.


3. Giannis Antetokounmpo Wingspan

He is getting top names in basketball now. It is because of his famous ape index. His height is 6 feet 11 inches while his wingspan is 7 feet 3 inches, which is 4 inches more than his height. This ape index is adding to his fame as the best basketball player every day.



Longest Wingspan of NBA Players


PlayersHeight in ShoesWingspanApe Index
Manute Bol7' 7''8' 6''+11.0''
Bruno Caboclo6' 9''7' 7''+10.0''
Mohamed Bamba7' 0''7' 10''+10.0''
Bismack Biyombo6' 8''7' 6''+10.0''
Taylen Horton6' 4''7' 1''+9.0''



Shortest Wingspan of NBA Players


Talen Horton-Tucker100%10.755.25
P.J. Washigton93%7.756.25
Nassir Little97%8.755.25
Marial Shayok93%7.754.25



Final words

NBA players wingspan is gaining more and more fame in the world of sports. The reason is its significance in the sport of basketball. A player with long arms is better able to dribble and slither the ball. He is better able to shoot the ball efficiently into the hoop. He can block the shots of the opponents and hence can save the goal in a better way.

Similarly, he gets a master in diving and dumping in no time by using his natural capability. He passes the ball with no haste and he blocks the path of his opponent. In short, he gets the master of the game soon he enters the arena.

Consequently, players wingspan is considered to be the first and foremost quality of the contestant to be discussed and arbitrated. All other qualities go to secondary rank.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

1. What’s the normal wingspan in NBA?

The average wingspan of the players in the NBA is from 6 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 10 inches. And the average height is 6 feet 8 inches.


2. Who is currently the tallest player in the NBA?

Currently, Tacko Fall is mentioned as the tallest player in the NBA. His recorded height is 7 foot 5 inches.


3. Which NBA player has the shortest wingspan? 

Currently, Herro is declared as the player with the shortest wingspan. He is 6 feet 6 inches tall with a wingspan of 6 feet 3 inches.

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