Reasons to Buy a Basketball Hoop – Why Should You Buy it?

Basketball is one of the widely played and most loved games across the world. Basketball is a game that holds the capability of inflicting thrill to your life along with maintaining your health. Meanwhile, the best thing about the game is that it can be played with friends, or a basketball enthusiast can play it alone to better its dunking capabilities. However, if you are a basketball enthusiast, you will be well-convinced about the importance of having a durable basketball hoop. So, here in this article, we are going to go through the reasons to buy a basketball hoop.

In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, the whole world faced a jam-packed situation in their homes, and in these harsh circumstances, it was also inevitable to add positivity to your life while maintaining a safe social distance; here came the need for a basketball hoop, as it appeared to be the most feasible game that didn’t only offer an unprecedented thrill but also helped you keep yourself healthy and busy as well.

Reasons to Buy a Basketball Hoop

Reasons to Buy a Basketball Hoop

Basketball is a decent game that keeps you physically fit and brings great joy to your life. For this purpose, you only need a basketball hoop; so, here is why you should buy a basketball hoop in 2022:


1. Physical Activity

A sport is defined as an activity that keeps you physically fit while giving you pleasure. However, during the last year, outdoor games were prohibited due to the restrictions of the COVID 19 pandemic. In this situation, it was necessary to have something to enjoy and keep you physically fit inside your home; and a basketball hoop was the only one that could allow you to have fun with your family while maintaining the social distance.

Other than this, a basketball hoop is still the best choice to make as you can move your portable basketball hoop anywhere to have fun with your family and friends.


2. Value Addition Product

There is nothing better than having an outdoor basketball hoop installed in the backyard of your house. While living in your house, you can invite your friends to play a match at any time. In case you plan to sell your property, the installed basketball hoop will add great value to your property for potential buyers.

On the other hand, a basketball hoop is a safe investment as you can take your in-ground basketball hoop with you by simply unbolting the anchor kit. Although you will not be able to use the same anchor kit again, you can purchase a new anchor kit to install your basketball hoop at your new place.


3. The Most Suitable for Kids to Play

Usually, parents are concerned when their children go outside for sports. For basketball hoops, you don’t need acres of land, as a basketball court can simply be made in a small place too. So, with the basketball hoop installed in your backyard, you can allow your children to play an excellent sport with their friends.

This is how you can better look after the activities of your child while keeping them inside the boundaries of your home.


4. Play Whenever You Want – No Restriction of Time

Most of the sports are known as the sports of the day; however, this is not the case with basketball; especially, when you have your own basketball hoop installed in your home. So, if you feel bored at night, you only need a few LED lights to lighten your basketball court, and you can play your game over there.

Hand in hand, a basketball hoop at your home brings you the opportunity of practicing your game that can lead you to become a professional basketball player.


5. Make Your Basketball Skills Perfect

If you are planning to improve your basketball skills, having a hoop at your home can massively help you achieve your goal. With a basketball hoop at your place, you can practice shooting, handling and dribbling at any time. In this way, you can have an obvious advantage over your fellow players.

Most important of all, you can improve your dunking ability by setting the rim at the NBA level. Meanwhile, you can use Dunk Calculator to know that how high you need to jump to make a perfect dunk.


6. Boost Your Confidence

While having the basketball hoop at your home, whenever you play the game with your friends and perfectly dunk the basketball on the court, it provides you with confidence. This confidence helps you perform better when you play an official basketball match.

This strength training with your basketball hoop allows you to become a professional basketball player.


7. Improvement of Social Skills

If you have a basketball hoop at your home, it will help you in the better social growth of children. Friends of your kids will come together that make the social bond your kids even stronger with their friends. They can better communicate with others and make new friendships as well.



Basketball is an amazing game that gives you both; thrill in your life and the fitness of your body. There are a lot of other reasons too to buy a basketball hoop; however, the aforementioned reasons are the most significant. You can install an In-ground basketball hoop or buy a portable basketball hoop to preserve the option of movability. You can choose either of these basketball hoops; but, In-ground basketball hoops are stronger and more durable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Basketball Hoop a good Investment?

The quick answer to this question is ‘Yes’. Basketball hoop is a good investment as it provides you with the opportunity of improving your basketball skills along with the facility of keeping you physically fit. At the same time, basketball hoop also adds value to your property.

Q2. Why do I need a Basketball Hoop?

Life has become monotonous with the excessive use of electronic gadgets, and it has become a major concern for parents whose kids avoid physical sports. In this situation, a basketball hoop can bring your kids out of the fantasy of electronic gadgets. Following are some other reasons to buy a basketball hoop:

  •  Improves your health
  •  You can enhance your basketball skills
  •  you may practice dunking, shooting and dribbling to become a professional basketball player
  •  No time restrictions – You can enjoy the game at any time
  •  Gives value to your property as well
  • Good investment for your enjoyment and physical health

Q3. Why is Basketball hoop 10 feet?

There is no technical evidence of keeping the basketball hoop at 10 feet. Since its invention, the height of the rim has been 10 feet. Meanwhile, the hoop of 10 feet is the best height for the NBA players, as it allows them to show their skills regarding dunking of the ball.

Q4. What Factors Should be Considered while buying the Basketball Hoop?

Buying the basketball hoop is a tough decision. First of all, you need to decide in between an Inss-ground and Portable basketball hoop. Here are some other factors to consider before you buy a basketball hoop:

  • Age of the players matters a lot
  • Price of the hoop is too important to consider
  • Options to adjust the height size of the backboard
  • Material of the basketball hoop to make sure its durability


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