Spalding Precision Basketball – Review and Features 2023

Get the best ball before you get the game. Spalding Precision Basketball is among the best indoor basketballs designed to deliver peak performance with its best-in-class grip for a professional level player that loves hooping with it. Its dry grip microfiber cushioned cover makes it a perfect choice for the player who truly understands the importance of the right basketball for the game. The NFHS-Approved Spalding Precision is the most suitable basketball for leagues of all ages.

You may simply like Spalding Precision; however, reading my technical review on this, I am sure you will love this ball. Its manufacturing has been done considering the requirements of elite players and practice sessions conducted at a professional level. The light color of Precision makes it stand out, while its exceptional control adds an incredible value to the importance of the ball.

Being the official basketball of AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and Spalding Hoophall Classic makes it more trustworthy among basketball enthusiasts. So, from the tip of the buzzer, the game is in your favor with Spalding Precision.

Now, let’s ascertain the veracity of this indoor basketball on a technical basis:

Spalding Precision Basketball


Key Features of Spalding Precision Basketball

You might have heard a lot of good about Spalding Precision, and here I will prove this stance right on a technical basis. Following are some of its essential features that differentiate this basketball from other conventional basketballs:


1. Grip – Dry Grip Microfiber Composite Cushioned Cover

The dry grip microfiber composite cushioned cover provides the ball with exceptional control and grip. Deep groove channels and asymmetrically prominent pebbles on the ball’s surface offer excellent and effortless handling. With precise accuracy and exceptional control over the ball, it offers instant ball recognition.


2. Feel

When it comes to feeling, it is again an amazing basketball that brings an unprecedented feel to the player. Its Eco-Grip composite cover is made up of different recycled materials that further add value to its performance and feel. However, do remember that the ball has been designed for indoor basketball courts only.


3. Durability

Whenever you buy a basketball, make sure that it possesses the ability to serve you for a longer run. Meanwhile, Spalding has done an excellent job in this regard with respect to Precision TF. The manufacturer of the ball uses finely recycled material to provide players with a worthwhile feel and durability.

Meanwhile, the ball is available in two sizes – Intermediate-size 6 – 28.5’’ and Official Size 7 – 29.5’’. Recommended air pressure inside the basketball is 8 PSI, and the ball is delivered inflated when you buy it. Enjoy the great bounce with this durable basketball.


4. Bounce

Bouncing is an essential factor that determines the veracity of a basketball, and Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball has a perfect bounce. Technically, asymmetrically 33,000 to 38,000 distributed pebbles on the surface hugely back the performance of the ball and make the player feel comfortable during aggressive dribbling.

The Nylon Windings on the cover of the ball bring it to the best of its structural integrity, and the rotationally balanced butyl bladder offers ultimate retention of air while playing. In short, Spalding Precision brings a complete and great feel to the game for the player.



How to Take Care of Your Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball?

Therefore, having gone through the most significant features of the Spalding Precision, following some of the essential tips that might help you keep your basketball safe for a longer span of time:

  • Spalding Precision has been manufactured for indoor courts – so never use it on concrete or asphalt surface.
  • Clean your basketball with a dry towel to wipe out soft dust from its surface
  • Maintain the recommended air pressure inside the ball – the recommended air pressure is 8 PSI
  • Do not store it in heat or in a place that has elevated temperature – it might deform the ball




So, having concluded the whole debate, I will certainly recommend you buy Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball due to its massively laudable and supporting features. Get a superior feel of the game while your practice drills and inflict this confidence into your real game on the court. You may find the ball bit expansive; however, it is truly worthwhile.

Michael Heywood

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